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Helping you through every stage of spinal cord injury

The first 72 hours: the most important time after a spinal cord injury. Whether it’s happened to you or someone you care about, the care received in this window can make all the difference to recovery.

During the uncertain days and weeks that follow, you’ll hear many unfamiliar medical terms; have new things to think about like long-term rehabilitation and mobility; all whilst still having to manage everyday matters like household bills.

It’s unlikely you’ve ever been in this situation before, so you’ll have many questions. You can find some of the answers straight away in The Spinal Cord Injury Guide.

This free brochure brings together direction and advice from a range of experienced spinal cord injury experts, and instantly gives you the useful information you need in one easy-to-read, 26-page PDF booklet.

What’s in the guide?

Inside, you’ll find guidance for the difficult days immediately after an injury, right up to and beyond returning home.

A first look inside the free SCI guide

About the spinal column

Start with the basics by learning about the structure of the spinal column and how it works. See its importance to the human body and understand why damage to it can be so harmful.

Types and effects of SCIs

Find out about the different types and effects of spinal cord injury. No two injuries are the same, so quickly learn about the type of injury that matters to you and its effects on everyday life.

A second look inside the free guide
Another look inside the Spinaql Cord Injury Guide

Rehabilitation for SCIs

Discover the therapies and rehabilitation available to you, what they involve, and how they help to restore as much function as possible after an injury to improve your quality of life.

Long-term SCI guidance

You get advice on benefits, employment, housing and legal issues, plus a list of organisations that will help you through the challenges of a spinal cord injury.

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