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Solicitors protecting the victims

of rape and sexual abuse

How we can help

If you have been a victim of rape or sexual abuse, coming forward can be a difficult and painful experience. You may have doubts about speaking up, so it’s important to know that sexual violence is a crime, no matter who commits it, and it doesn’t matter where it happened, what you were doing or what you were wearing, and your age isn’t a factor. Don't be afraid to seek help.

It was not your fault, as well as seeking justice, you are also entitled to claim compensation for your suffering.

You are not alone. The Crime Survey for England and Wales for the year ending March 2018 showed that police recorded 150,732 sexual offences, encompassing rape (53,977 cases) and sexual assault, and also sexual activity with children. Unfortunately, victims often blame themselves for their experiences, meaning that many people do not report the crimes or seek compensation for that they’ve endured.

It does not have to be this way. All survivors of rape and sexual assault should be able to get the help they need to empower them to move on from the impact of the crime they have endured.

It should be remembered that we don’t just help people who’ve recently been sexually assaulted or raped. We are available to support both men and women who have suffered at any time even many weeks and months after the crime occurred.

Speak with us confidentially, sensitively and for free to find out more about our services and how we can help you.

Get experienced and sensitive support

We are Serious Law LLP, a law firm with over 30 years of expertise in dealing with serious criminal injury claims. During this time, we have secured maximum compensation payments from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for a number of our clients. We’ve also successfully reviewed and appealed cases rejected by the CICA at both the first and second instance.

Working for you on a No Win No Fee basis, we guide you through every stage of the process. We care about you and your case, and you’re treated with compassion and understanding. There are no courtrooms; no facing the abuser; no cross-examinations, and we always protect your privacy.

You can choose whether you want to speak to a male or female lawyer, and your point of contact is very easy to get hold of whenever you need advice. Plus, our solicitors cover cases across England and Wales so, if you prefer, we will come to meet you face-to-face at a time and place of your choosing.

Securing your compensation award

Serious Law’s solicitors are specialists in handling the complex process for rape and sexual abuse claims. Through in-depth investigations, witness statements and evidence collection, our team makes sure that we secure the best possible settlement award for you.

Of course, a successful legal case cannot change what happened in the past, but it can help you secure both justice and closure. And whilst no amount of money can mend the pain of abuse, it can go a long way in helping you move forward and rebuild your future.

Answers to common questions

No two cases are the same, so we will always treat you as an individual. Before getting in touch, you may have some common questions, which we’re happy to help with.

Should I tell the police?

You should tell the police about what happened as soon as you are ready. Their officers will listen to you and treat you with care and respect before starting their investigations.

Who can I claim against?

You can make a claim against the attacker or an organisation that failed in its duty of care to protect you. Whilst most people assume that abusers are strangers, in most cases, victims already know their attacker.

Is there a time limit?

The CICA states that you have two years from the date of the incident to make a claim. However, they understand that abuse is a very sensitive area, so they often make exceptions. Talk to us for more information.

I already have a solicitor. Can I change?

If you already have a lawyer but wish to switch to our team of specialists, you can. Simply get in touch and we will do all the work needed to transfer your case.


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