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If you or someone you know has been involved in a serious road accident – whether it’s as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian – you’ll know the huge impact it has, not just on your own life, but also on the lives of your family, friends and colleagues.

Coming to terms with what has happened may take a few months or many years – it’s different for everyone – and claiming compensation may not be an immediate priority.

But as you start to think about the potential long-term impact of your injury, the importance of financial help to cover your expenses, and to give you peace of mind about the future, cannot be underestimated.

You’ll have many questions and we appreciate that it can be difficult to know where to start.

We’re here to help you.

At Serious Law, we’re proud of our record of achieving multi-million pound settlements for victims of road accidents. We’re dedicated to maximising your compensation and helping you and your family to start rebuilding your lives.

Why choose our road accident solicitors?

We have specialised in personal injury claims and in particular serious injury claims for over 32 years. With decades of experience, our team know exactly what it takes to successfully settle a road traffic accident claim and maximising the compensation our clients receive.

Here at Serious Law, we recognise that there is more than compensation to consider after sustaining a serious injury.

We are therefore committed to building strong, trusted relationships with each of our clients and go the extra mile to ensure they have everything they need to move forward and live a comfortable future.

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Our serious injury solicitors go beyond providing market leading expertise. We understand you will contact us at a difficult time and we listen to your needs and help you overcome the challenges you face.

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Compensation: Money in hand

No Win No Fee Road Accident Solicitors

We are happy to operate on a No Win No Fee Basis, meaning that you won't pay us anything in the event that your claim is unsuccessful, ensuring you are risk free.

Group of solicitors: providing a tailored service

Specialist Legal Representation

Our qualified and experienced team have over 32 years’ experience successfully handling some of the UK’s most complex serious injury cases.

Handshake: committed to our clients

A Tailored Service

We take into account your specific needs and ensure that our service is tailored to your individual circumstances.

More than compensation

We offer you a complete service that goes beyond financial compensation. Some road accident cases take a long time to settle, so we work to secure early interim payments from insurers and help to arrange all your treatment, rehabilitation, transport and housing adaptations whilst your long-term outlook is properly assessed.

Even after settlement, our service doesn’t stop – we maintain close and often life-long relationships with many of our clients, particularly those whose injuries make them vulnerable.

In these cases, our Court of Protection department manages our clients’ affairs to ensure that their future is financially secure.

We‘re proud of our track record of success in difficult road accident cases, including ones that have been rejected by other law firms or even transferred to us from firms who recognise that the case needs our depth of understanding and experience.

Accidents involving road defects and hazards

Not all RTAs involve fellow road users. Every day across the UK, damaged highways and hazards cause severe injuries. The local council is usually responsible for road maintenance but, with future repairs estimated to cost £12bn, there are still many dangers to drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

One example of this left our client with a severe spinal cord injury. His van aquaplaned and crashed when it hit standing water caused by a blocked drain. We argued that the local authority had failed to protect him, and he received a multi-million pound award to support him for the rest of his life.

We can help you in a range of situations, and our successful cases include:

  • Damaged roads and pavements

  • Raised or lowered grids and manholes

  • Snow and ice

  • Mud and leaves

  • Parked vehicles

  • Incomplete roads and pavements

  • Standing water

  • Grease and oil

  • Unlit road works

  • Potholes

So if you or someone you know has been in a similar accident, you can claim compensation for your injuries and damage to your vehicle, cycle or equipment. It can make all the difference to getting you back on track.

Things to know about road traffic accident claims

Being involved in a road traffic accident can be an overwhelming and devastating experience as it can happen so quickly. Here are a few important things to know about road traffic accident claims:

  • You should make effort to exchange details and get evidence at the scene of the accident where possible. This will be beneficial when pursuing a claim;
  • You can even make a claim for compensation if the other driver was uninsured or didn’t stop and is untraced;
  • Even if you think you may be partly to blame, you may still have a case – we can guide you on whether you have a case or not.
  • You can claim for loss of earnings and any expenses related to your injury.

See our guide ‘What to do after a road traffic accident’ for more information.

Find out more about your Road accident case

Serious Law has over 25 years of experience in dealing with a very wide variety of road accident cases, including those involving the highest value settlements ever in the UK. Whatever the level of your injury, we have the right expert solicitors for you.

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Road Accident Claims - Frequently Asked Questions

How long after a road traffic accident can I claim?

In most cases, you will have a three-year time limit to start Court proceedings to make a a personal injury claim. It is important to pursue your claim at a time when you feel ready, however you should keep the time limit in mind to ensure your claim can be dealt within the time allowed by law. Often it is best to start the process of making a claim as soon as possible whilst the circumstances of the accident and its impact on you are fresh in your mind.

If you are unsure if you can make a road traffic accident claim, get in touch with us for free advice on 0330 058 0377 and we can help to answer the questions you may have.

What evidence will I need for my road traffic accident claim?

The more evidence you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to process your claim. Some evidence which may be helpful for your road accident claim include; photos of the accident scene, names and contact details of any witnesses and receipts of any costs incurred following the incident.

We have a strong history of maximising compensation for our clients and adopt a forensic approach to developing all aspects of your case.

Collating as much evidence as possible will help your solicitor maximise your compensation when you come to start your claim. Our serious injury specialists will help you gather the evidence you need in order to successfully fight your case and will be there to support you through the process.

What if the other driver didn’t stop or was uninsured?

In cases where the driver is not insured or did not stop you should notify both the police of the accident and inform your insurance company of this. This way, efforts can be made to trace the identity of the driver.

In cases where a driver did not stop or was uninsured, you will likely have to pursue a claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (a body into which all motor insurers pay, to compensate the victims of uninsured/untraced drivers).

How to make a road traffic accident compensation claim

Whichever way your road traffic accident occurred, our expert team are here to help and support you. Contact us on 0330 058 0377 or fill out the form below, and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your situation and provide you with expert legal advice.

Even if you are unsure about making a road accident compensation claim, you can talk to us about your situation, completely free of any charge and without further obligation. Should you choose to instruct us for your road traffic accident claim, we will take control of the legal process and provide you with the immediate support you need.