Our spinally injured client, Marrianne, facing the camera
Marrianne's story

Marrianne experienced a high-level spinal cord injury. In this video, both she and her partner Andy tell their story, along with input from John Sherrington, senior partner at Serious Law LLP.

Profile picture of our brain injured client, Keith
Keith's story

Keith suffered a severe traumatic brain injury after a road traffic accident. In this video, both he and his wife Diane tell their story, with Tim Walters, Managing Partner of Serious Law LLP and Keith’s deputy of the Court of Protection.

Regions of the spine where tetraplegia and paraplegia occur if injured
About the spine and spinal cord

Discover the spine and spinal cord. Guidance for all affected by spinal cord injury

Video still of the 'Types and effects of spinal cord injury' title screen
Types and effects of spinal cord injury

Discover the wide-ranging types and effects of spinal cord injuries.