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Ease the financial strain on the NHS.

How we help the NHS

It is fair to say that 2020 was a tremendously challenging year for all the dedicated staff in the NHS who have risen to the challenge without giving it a second thought, because that's what they do.

The Major Trauma Units around the country have been no different, caring for patients with, quite often, life changing injuries whilst balancing the threat of Covid-19 against the needs of their patients to spend time with their loved ones.

We understand major trauma having handled catastrophic injury cases for over 30 years, recognised by our top tier status in the Legal 500. We also know the financial burden that major trauma cases place on the NHS with the need for expensive rehabilitation treatment to improve patient outcomes.

What we can do:

  • Help patients access private rehabilitation treatment;
  • Facilite early patient discharge;
  • Help the NHS recover in-patient treatment costs earlier than they would normally experience.

For more information please contact our Partnership Development Director: Neil Howden

Tel: 07889 953 807

Email: nh@seriouslaw.co.uk

How we have helped seriously injured patients and the NHS before.

Alistair's story.

Alistair was involved in a road traffic accident when riding his motorcycle he was hit by a taxi resulting in multiple orthopaedic injuries. Whilst in hospital he was given access to the Major Trauma Signpost Partnership (MTSP) scheme which is run out of several major trauma units across the country.

The MTSP Schemes, run by Cardinal Management (a clinically led business), support patients who have suffered complex injuries and who might benefit from advice, support, rehabilitation or guidance. Their services are designed to ensure patients and their families can gain rapid access to all available services from public/state, charity and private sectors that aim to help them make the best possible recovery.

In this case, the MTSP scheme ensured that Alistair had access to advice on a range of issues to give him the best possible chance to re-build his life despite the severity of his injuries.

Within two weeks of Alistair contacting us for support, we managed to obtain funding for a private rehabilitation Case Manager to meet Alistair to undertake an Immediate Needs Assessment. This enabled us to identify Alistair's rehabilitation needs and to put in place a plan to allow Alistair to be discharged to a home suitable for his injuries. This in turn lightened the financial burden on the NHS by placing the responsibility for payment of his care in the hands of the responsible insurer.

To read more about Alistair's story and how the MTSP scheme helped him, click the image above.

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