Useful brain injury links

A brain injury to you or a loved one can be a life-changing experience.

We’ll work closely with you to provide you with everything you need for your recovery, and we’ll also work with the UK’s best brain injury charities and organisations.

If you’d like to know more about our brain injury work, please visit our client stories or contact us in confidence.

NHS: Severe Head Injury Information – Our country's hugely valuable and free National Health Service provides vital information about the different types of head injury.

Headway – A charity operating nationwide; dedicated to helping brain injured people live a higher quality of life.

Child Brain Injury Trust – Also known as CBIT, this leading charity helps young people and their families adapt to life after a brain injury.

Helpful government advice – The UK government provides free advice for people living with disabilities, in particular regarding claiming welfare benefits and their rights under the Equality Act.