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Getting you back on track
after serious injury

How an amputation claim helps you to rebuild your life

Find justice. Get long-term support. Secure your future.

There are as many as 6000 amputations carried out in the UK every year. Behind every one is a story.

There’s the man in his mid-twenties. His routine knee surgery went wrong, and now he keeps his vacuum system, carbon fibre prosthetic leg near his bed, ready to put on each morning. That’s before he heads to one of the most dangerous rooms in the house—the bathroom—to lower himself into his shower seat without incident, and then he’s eager for another day in work.

Or there’s the small child. She missed seven months of school after she lost her arm in a car accident. She’s since returned and learned how to write again, only this time using her weaker hand. First, she had to endure her classmates’ reaction to her very different appearance, but with help from her caring child psychologist, she now looks forward to school every day.

The people in these stories got the right financial, physical and emotional support. If you’re coping with an amputation, help is here for you too.

Amputation case specialists

We are Serious Law; one of the UK’s leading serious injury experts with over 25 years’ experience in achieving high-value and, in many cases, multi-million pound compensation awards for our clients.

If an accident or medical negligence caused your amputation, we’ll use our experience and knowledge to secure the highest possible level of compensation to support you for the long-term.

And whilst the early days following an amputation will inevitably focus on your physical and emotional healing, pain management and coming to terms with what has happened, you may still have money worries. Can you still cover the looming bills? Will you be able to return to work? How will you pay for adaptations needed to your house?

To help you, we organise early interim payments (advances on your final compensation award) from the other side’s insurers to cover your lost earnings and expenses, as well as anything to help you adjust to your new condition.

Our team of expert solicitors fight to secure the justice and compensation award that you deserve. What’s more, our help for you goes far beyond financial assistance.

Helping you beyond compensation

We put in place a complete service that not only meets your immediate financial needs, but also looks after your long-term independence and wellbeing.

It includes access to private medical care, which may include required cosmetic surgery and skin grafts. We help to arrange a comprehensive rehabilitation programme, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, expert prosthetic input, clinical psychologists and social workers.

You get access to customised prosthetics and wheelchairs as well as housing and vehicle adaptations, meaning that the impact of the amputation on your life is managed as carefully as possible.

It is a difficult journey, and there is no doubt that the first year following an amputation is tough. The team at Serious Law will do all that we can to take on as much of the strain as possible, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Common amputation claim questions

Do you offer No Win No Fee arrangements in amputation cases?

Yes. Unlike many other law firms, we believe it’s only fair that you get the maximum amount of compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of earnings—giving you every chance to get life back on track.

I might have been partly to blame for my traumatic amputation. Can I still claim?

We have particular expertise in difficult and shared liability cases, so even if you’re unsure whether you have a case, or if you think you were partly to blame for what has happened, we’ll give you free advice.

I’m worried about claiming against my employer. Will it affect my job?

Don't worry, your claim is not against your employer—it’s against your employer’s insurance company. It’s a system in place to make sure that you get help should anything happen to you.

Begin your amputation claim with Serious Law today

An amputation is not the end of your story. At Serious Law, we work hard to make sure that a new chapter begins.

To find out more about the service that we offer you, please get in touch free for confidential legal advice from our professional, caring and specialist team of amputation solicitors.